A few of my favorite things:

  • Playing hide and seek with the light mere hours before the sun says goodnight 
  • Classical music 
  • Riding my bicycle with no hands
  • Being with the people I love

Hello world,

When I knew I wanted to be a photographer it was all because of a breeze. I had asked a friend to model for me and when her hair blew back just as I closed the shutter and captured the moment, my heart stopped. I've always been drawn toward nature and the magic that is ever present, but right then and there, I knew. Since then, I've made it my focus to be immersed in the world around me, and found that being a natural light photographer was the right thing for me. 

Photography is my passion. People are my passion. The way you lean in close to your significant other in a way that speaks volumes, the way you laugh and revel in the joy that you are about to start another chapter of your life; this all inspires me. 

The extraordinary that hides within the ordinary is what I search for, what I live for. Let's find it together.