Hayley C | Cheyenne Mountain High School 2015 Senior

Toadstool Park has got to be one of my favorite locations to date, but for some reason every time I go there, it's crazy windy! But hey, a little wind never stops me. Hayley did a fantastic job despite it blowing her hair in her face every couple seconds. :) In the end, we got some great shots. Hayley has this effortless beauty that just worked with the backdrop. I loved her casual style that popped against the rocks! DSC_0008forweb DSC_0017forweb DSC_0028forweb DSC_0037web DSC_0041forweb DSC_0042forweb DSC_0044forweb DSC_0051web DSC_0057forweb DSC_0067web DSC_0068forweb DSC_0090forweb DSC_0084forweb DSC_0094forweb DSC_0108forweb DSC_0118forweb DSC_0127web DSC_0132forweb DSC_0136forweb DSC_0138forweb DSC_0143forweb