Justy & Miranda | Chadron State College 2014 Seniors

Justy and Miranda were a hoot. We walked around CSC's campus and then headed out to the fairgrounds and along the way I was always smiling. I love it when everyone is having a great time and I love it even more when the entire session is glowing in beautiful evening sunlight! These two girls are gorgeous inside and out and amazing friends. Thank you for the great day! DSC_0051forweb DSC_0059forweb DSC_0065forweb DSC_0070forweb DSC_0087forweb DSC_0095forweb DSC_0111web DSC_0105forweb DSC_0116forweb DSC_0132web DSC_0125forweb DSC_0136forweb DSC_0148web DSC_0151forweb DSC_0159web DSC_0169forweb DSC_0175forweb DSC_0179forweb DSC_0208forweb DSC_0223forweb