Bonnie & Clyde | Three Nails Photography Workshop 2015

I love images that make me stop scrolling and just stare, taking in every detail: how the lighting works, the wardrobe, the emotion on the faces of the subjects. If there is one photographer that does this consistently, it is Hunter Leone of Three Nails Photography. It's been a small dream of mine to attend his workshop, so when he released a discounted one, my little heart skipped a beat. After a quick consultation with the 'rents, I signed up for it with shaky hands, parked outside a diner. This workshop really pushed me to what I someday hope to achieve on a daily basis with each of my brides and potential clients. I can't wait to develop into a better photographer from the knowledge Hunter has shared! I would like to apologize in advance; I had a really hard time picking out which ones to post, so I ended up posting a lot! I had the time of my life photographing the amazing models and seeing Hunter set up the scenes and do what he does best!


It's said that when Bonnie and Clyde first met, they were immediately taken with one another and thus Bonnie joined Clyde on all his runs. They ran wild with Clyde's gang, awaiting death at every turn. And inevitably...a death they met, together.

Hand in mine, into your icy blues/And then I'd say to you we could take to the highway/With this trunk of ammunition too/I'd end my days with you in a hail of bullets

- Demolition Lovers, My Chemical Romance

Taken at the ‪#‎threenailsworkshop‬ | Venue: Dixie Gin | Florals: La Bloom | Props: Pursuing Eden | Styling: Three Nails Workshop | Dress: Anna Campbell