Brian & Nicole | Engagement

Engagements make me mushy inside, it's a known fact. People in love excite me! Witnessing love at its purest and kindest is wonderful. Nicole and Brian were so great & exactly the type of couple I love to photograph - I had an amazing time getting to hang out with them and endure the wind (it's a common theme of mine it seems) by the lake. They got to end with s'mores, which I might add was probably the best part of the whole shoot. :) Enjoy!

Kylee & Holly | Engagement

I love when couples are just enchanted with each other. I love when they are constantly making each other laugh, which is great so no one has to hear my one joke (my past couples know the one ha!). These two were all that and more. We had some fun with this session, as it's not only my usual natural light session, but there's an added twist of artificial light! I rarely use the latter so it was a nice change of pace!!

Demi & Tjade | Engagement

Sunday was a beautiful day. It had the perfect mixture of overcast and sunny and to top it off, I got to work with these two wonderful people. Once the nerves melted away, which was fairly quickly, they were so comfortable and did such a great job showing their romantic side to the world. (: The sweetness that was shared between them was a delight and I can't wait for you to see a highlight from their session below.