Diana R & Emily A | Portrait

I'm not a blogger by any means so thank you all for your patience. I wanted to share some more portraits of Diana and Emily that I took of them on two separate occasions. It's been great getting to reconnect with classmates after months apart. Enjoy!

Eduardo & Holly | Portrait

Eduardo and Holly have pretty much been with me since the early days of BP!P. They were my one consistent "client", and if you want to see my growth in how I photograph couples, their photos are the first ones you should look for. These two are always so wonderful to be around and I love photographing them. It was so great to finally catch up and get to be in their world yet again!

Kaitlyn B | Cody-Kilgore Unified School 2017 Senior

When I haven't been in the area for a while and I see all these kids that I remember as junior highers or freshmen now as the Seniors™, it's wild to comprehend. Time flies, as we all know and begrudgingly accept, and before us stand these young adults who are going to make some sort of impact on the world. Kaitlyn was so great to photograph! We had a short period of time before the sun set on us, but the light was beautiful and she was amazing. Kaitlyn, I hope you have a wonderful senior year and whatever you do in life, I know you will be fantastic. Enjoy!