Kailee & Aaron | Wedding

Kailee is one of my best friends from mortuary school so getting to photograph her special day with her special guy, Aaron (who is beyond awesome) was amazing. To say the least. Their wedding was so heartfelt and intimate, with it only being their immediate family. I'm so so SO happy for them both. Enjoy!

Brian & Nicole | Wedding

I love her, and that's the beginning and end of everything. ― F. Scott Fitzgerald

Brian and Nicole got married this past Saturday and I got the honor of photographing this day. I loved the details, the joy on everyone's face that I saw through my lenses, and the overall feeling. These two people hold a lot of love in their hearts for one another and for those around them. I hope you enjoy a little peek into their day.

Bre & Dusty | Wedding

My second shooter, Connor (find him on instagram at c_rodenbaugh), and I had the joyous opportunity to photograph these two wonderful people on one of the happiest days in their lives. They were so sweet and kind with each other and made my job so much easier. Everything about their day, from all the details to the smiling faces of their loved ones, were so beautiful to capture. Enjoy!

Sierra & Kade | Wedding

Sierra and Kade married on a beautiful sunny day a few weekends ago! It was such a beautiful day for a beautiful couple. Sierra and I shared a painting class together when she inquired about me shooting her wedding and of course I couldn't say no. :) Please enjoy! Thank you for waiting so patiently to relive your wonderful day through images! I had a marvelous time sharing your day with you. (Special thanks to my second shooter, Casey, who captured some wonderful moments during the ceremony!)